The University of Southampton

Public lecture series

Changing the world for the better is the University of Southampton’s mission. Since 2016, the University has run an annual series of public lectures, exploring key global challenges and demonstrating its world-leading, interdisciplinary expertise on a range of topics.

These events bring together academics, potential partners, funding providers and key influencers to showcase the impact of the University’s research on a local, national and global scale, and highlights the University’s role in national and international debate and policymaking.

Highlights of the 2017 Public Lecture series

The panel at our Ageing lecture

Health and healthcare 2016

Watch the lectures from our 2016 public lecture series, presented by leading experts in the field of healthcare.

Register for details of the environment lectures

Environment 2017

Register for details of our upcoming lecture series on environment, with topics including food security and climate.



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