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The University of Southampton
NEXUS Science

About us

Our interdisciplinary research considers the challenges posed by the world's growing population and  the larger proportion of people living high hydrocarbon-dependent lifestyles. These conditions place unprecedented pressure on global Water/Energy/Food resources - a situation that will be exacerbated with a shifting climate.



Who we are

The Co-Chairs of Nexus-Science are Professor Paul Kemp and Dr Joel Smethurst

The steering group members come from faculties across the University and include:

Tiina Roose, Professor of Biological and Environmental Modelling

Alan Jackson, Professor of Human Nutrition

Patrick James, Professor of Energy and Buildings Design

and Guy Poppy, Professor of Ecology, CSA to food standards agency

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Our aims

Nexus Science aims to bring together and foster a community of researchers from across disciplines and Faculties, within academia and industry, to address the need to meet world demand and to ensure long-term Water/Energy/Food security, finding a way for integrated, efficient, and sustainable resources management.

What we do

Our USRG is addressing an issue of international importance and targets the need of societies globally. Economic success depends on Water/Energy/Food security and supply, and it has to be delivered despite ageing infrastructure, increased geopolitical insecurity, and the constraints of targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As well as incorporating researchers who carry out research in the WEF areas, we invite University colleagues with expertise in areas that provide common linkages or that exist at the interfaces between Water, Energy and Food, (including soils and ecosystem services) to participate.

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