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The University of Southampton
NEXUS Science

Vaccinating the Nexus

Nexus Science researchers at Southampton are part of 'Vaccinating the Nexus' - an EPSRC Programme focused on improving the resilience of water, energy and food systems. It will investigate how examining  ‘shocks’ such as extreme climatic events that cause flooding, drought, energy shortages or unsustainable infrastructure development  may help inform the development of more environmentally sustainable and secure systems. It will identify the interconnections between Water Energy and Food (WEF) through the development of an integrated framework and will reveal the vulnerabilities in the system and the diverse connections between the three facets of the Nexus. Read more about the research on the project blog by following the links below.




Protecting fisheries

Investigating the response of aquatic food organisms to the shock of delivering water/energy infrastructure     


Modelling agriculture

Investigating the response of agriculture to flooding under alternative climate change scenarios  

The interdisciplinary, Vaccinating the Nexus research team includes engineers, ecologists, agriculturalists, mathematicians, and social scientists from the Universities of Southampton, Bath, London, Nottingham, Aberystwyth,  Loughborough, UCL, and HR Wallingford. it is supported by the Science and Technology Facilities Council. The team has a proven track record in project management, and strong links to industrial partners and other end users.


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