The University of Southampton
NEXUSS - Next Generation Unmanned Systems Science

About the CDT

NEXUSS is a NERC/EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in the use of Smart and Autonomous Observing Systems (SAOS) to tackle major challenges in the environmental sciences where progress requires real-time, continuous, sustained and high-resolution observations. The NEXUSS Partnership is at the forefront of UK research and training excellence in the development and environmental application of SAOS. NEXUSS doctoral training is underpinned by a sustained stream of SAOS experiments across all of Earth’s environments, including the most remote and challenging.

NEXUSS will support a cohort of at least 10 PhD students per year. Students may undertake their research within one or several of the NEXUSS partners, and will be registered at one of the NEXUSS universities. Unique elements of NEXUSS include access to a full range of world-class SAOS platforms, sensors, development laboratories, and fieldwork experiments; and opportunities for placements at prestigious international research organisations and industrial and policy partners.




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