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The University of Southampton
The NMR Spectroscopy FacilityInstructions

HR-MAS NMR Sample Submission

Samples MUST have been dried in a vacuum oven for at least 24 hours.

Provide approximately 50 mg of resin in a screw-cap vial clearly labelled with the details from the submission form.

State the nature if the resin (PS, PS-PEG) as this will influence the technique needed.

Please indicate clearly whether all of the resin should be returned; unused resin will remain in the vial, but if the sample is precious then most of the used portion can also be recovered.

If possible include spectra of any solution models that have been synthesised to be used for comparison.

Useful Downloads

Need the software?PDF Reader

Submission location

Leave samples in tray in the open access 400 room (27:1021).

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