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The University of Southampton
The NMR Spectroscopy Facility

Bruker AVII400 FT?NMR Spectrometer (400/2)

The  AVII400/ FT-NMR spectrometer ("400/2") can be booked for experiments that require greater manual intervention than allowed with the open-access instruments.

The 400/2 is equipped with six probes that cover the full range of 1D and 2D proton, fluorine and carbon, multinuclear and HR-MAS NMR experiments.
Bruker AVII400 FT-NMR Spectrometer

The 400/2 is primarily used for non-routine NMR spectroscopic analyses not suited to the open-access systems (e.g. extended variable temperature multinuclear NMR studies, NMR titrations, 19F T1 measurements).

The current probe load-out:



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