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Dr Maria Baker BSc, PhD

Senior Research Fellow, International Project Coordinator

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Dr Maria Baker is Senior Research Fellow within Ocean and Earth Science, National Oceanography Centre Southampton at the University of Southampton.

BSc Oceanography with Marine Biology, University of Southampton (1993-1996)
Research Assistant, Deepseas Group, University of Southampton (1996 -1998)
PhD Fertilization kinetics (Supervisor: Paul Tyler), University of Southampton (1998-2001)
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Deepseas Group, National Oceanography Centre (2001-2002)
Seastar Survey, Southampton (independent marine survey company) (2002)
Project Manager of Census of Marine Life ChEss Programme, University of Southampton (2004-2011)
Senior Research Fellow and Project Manager for INDEEP and DOSI Programmes, University of Southampton (2011-date)



Research interests


Deep-Sea Marine Ecologist and Project Coordinator.

Project manager of INDEEP (International network of scientific investigations of deep-sea ecosystems). The aim of this programme is to develop and synthesise our understanding of deep-sea global biodiversity and functioning across all habitats and provide a framework to bridge the gap between scientific results and society to aid in the formation of sustainable management strategies.

Project manager of DOSI (Deep Ocean Stewardship Initiative). DOSI seeks to integrate science, technology, policy, law and economics to advise on ecosystem-based management of resource use in the deep ocean and strategies to maintain the integrity of deep-ocean ecosystems within and beyond national jurisdiction.

My scientific interests centre on understanding the reproductive processes of marine invertebrates and the role of life-history strategies in adaptation to their habitat. I also have an active interest in assessment of anthropogenic impacts in the deep-sea environment (see publications).

Previously I was project manager of of ChEss, a field project of the Census of Marine Life initiative. This programme facilitated a global study of the distribution, abundance and diversity of species in deep-water hydrothermal vents, cold seeps and other deep-water chemosynthetic ecosystems. Directed from the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, ChEss improved our knowledge of the biogeography of chemosynthetic ecosystems and the processes driving them.

Research group

Marine Biology and Ecology

Research project(s)

International network for Scientific investigation of deep-sea ecosystems (INDEEP)

Deep-Ocean Stewardship Initiative (DOSI)

Biogeography of deepwater chemosynthetic ecosystems (ChEss) - Dormant

Census of Marine Life (CoML)

Deepseascape Image Library

Dr Maria Baker
Ocean and Earth Science, National Oceanography Centre Southampton University of Southampton Waterfront Campus European Way Southampton SO14 3ZH United Kingdom

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