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What Our Students Think

Photo of Diva Amon

I gained most of the important skills needed for a research career in marine science: lab experience, at-sea experience, analytical experience, writing experience as well as managing my time and thinking independently and creatively.

Diva Amon - MSci Marine Biology, 2009; PhD Ocean and Earth Science, 2013
Photo of Jason Argent

As well as studying for my MRes, I was able to volunteer to help out the Hampshire Wildlife Trust and New Forest National Park in beach safaris and shoresearch surveys along the coast.

Jason Argent - MRes Ocean Science, 2010
Photo of Amanda Ceroli

I chose Southampton because it is world-renowned for ocean sciences, and one of the best places to study with access to leading scientists in the field. I have heard the scientific labs are exceptional, and I am looking forward to working in one when I finally determine a project.

Amanda Ceroli - MSc Oceanography
Photo of Marie Creemers

I discovered life and research in a remote area and it positively changed my habits.

Marie Creemers - MSc Marine Environment and Resources
Photo of Jane Francis

Southampton was one of the first to encourage independent learning and give students a choice of modules

Jane Francis - BSc Geology, 1978; PhD Geology, 1982
Photo of Michael Henehan

There is almost always a top-drawer expert on a specialist subject somewhere in the building that you can approach with your questions; it really feels like you are at a hub of cutting-edge research.

Michael Henehan - PhD Geochemistry/Palaeoclimate
Photo of Sophie Hodgson

I chose the University of Southampton for my Masters because the National Oceanography Centre was the best place to study the subject.

Sophie Hodgson - MSc Oceanography, 2002
Photo of Max Holloway

My studies at Southampton completely shaped me as a researcher. The new skills I developed allowed me to secure a NERC funded PhD studentship, based at the British Antarctic Survey and tied with the University of Bristol.

Max Holloway - MSc Oceanography, 2012
Photo of Kate Kelly

Studying for an MSc in Oceanography led directly into both the technical career I have pursued ever since as well as influencing my writing

Kate Kelly - MSc Oceanography
Photo of Leigh Marsh

After graduating, I was employed for four years within the marine environmental sector for both government agencies and commercial companies, all of which I am sure would not have been within my reach without a degree from the University of Southampton.

Leigh Marsh - Masters degree Oceanography
Photo of Patrick Martin

I enjoyed plenty of opportunities for going to sea to do fieldwork, both on British ships and, via international collaborations, on foreign ships.

Patrick Martin - PhD Oceanography
Photo of Helen Miller

The flexibility of my MSc course allowed me to initially follow a general pathway and later specialise in geological and marine geophysical courses

Helen Miller - MSc Oceanography
Photo of Raeanne Miller

While my MSc gave me the skills I needed to successfully pursue a PhD in marine science, it also gave me a really broad knowledge base in oceanography, which has been incredibly valuable. It also gave me valuable skills to work across diverse teams.

Raeanne Miller - MSc Oceanography, 2009
Photo of Francesca Pascolietti

As an MRes student I had a great opportunity to be part of a very high quality academic program and to work with leading professionals in the field of marine and submarine geology.

Francesca Pascolietti - MRes Marine Geology & Geophysics
Photo of Davelyn Pastor

As an aspiring marine biologist, I view an advanced research degree as a valuable and continuing process in my professional development... The community of international students here has enhanced my academic experience in the same way as the Faculty staff. I can both make friends and build professional networks.

Davelyn Pastor - PhD, Marine Biology
Photo of Katie St John Glew

I have also been fortunate enough to travel abroad for conferences, internships and collaborative work

Katie St John Glew - Postgraduate research student
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