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Marie Creemers MSc Marine Environment and Resources

Marie Creemers's Photo

I discovered life and research in a remote area and it positively changed my habits.

Studying the Galápagos wildlife
Marie Fernanda Creemers is an MSc student in Marine Environment and Resources (Erasmus Mundus MER) and spent last semester studying at Ocean and Earth Science and is currently working on her MSc thesis within the Seamounts project team led by Dr Patricia Marti-Puig at the Charles Darwin Foundation (Galápagos islands, Ecuador). Marie shares her experience of the Galapagos.

"As part of the Seamounts project, we conduct a baseline study of the Galápagos Marine Reserve benthic fauna aiming to characterise communities across different environments (seamounts, lava flows and volcanic cones). I have had the opportunity to choose the phylum I wanted to work with, thus I am now studying deep-sea sponges that were observed and sampled during ROV seafloor explorations."

"Working at the Charles Darwin Foundation (CDF) is a great experience in many ways! First, I discovered life and research in a remote area and it positively changed my habits. The research station is an ideal place to work and learn: the facilities are convenient and the general atmosphere is very stimulating. Both researchers and volunteers are enthusiast, involved and interested in their work, which is encouraging and motivating. Moreover, people at the station and in the Galápagos in general are truly kind and welcoming. Furthermore, living in such a beautiful place is a must! The BIOMAR building where I work is located in front of the sea. After work, we can go swimming with sea lions, rays, turtles and small sharks in the Galápagos blue waters; it is just amazing! My stay here in the Galápagos has just begun, however, I am already really satisfied with my work at the CDF and pleased with life at the station. Thus, I would recommend this opportunity to everyone who has the chance to come to the CDF for a workshop, a field course, or a longer period such as for a volunteer or a thesis student position. Bring out your inner Darwin while studying the Galápagos wildlife!"

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