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Ocean and Earth Science, National Oceanography Centre Southampton Postgraduate study

Demonstrating & Teaching opportunities

In Ocean and Earth Science we can offer postgraduates some paid opportunities supporting students with practical laboratory and fieldwork sessions.

Contribute to teaching while improving your own skills
Pass on your knowledge

As a demonstrator you will not only be contributing to undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and learning, you’ll also be improving your own skills and experience.

We expect you to be fully involved in the class or workshop so you will have to be reasonably familiar with the subject, and be able to answer basic questions confidently and accurately. You will also need to be ready to help with practical aspects, such as helping students set up equipment, take readings, and record and interpret data.

This is a professional role. Lab and classroom demonstrating is paid at an attractive fixed hourly rate, while there are variable rates for fieldwork assistance.

The competencies you gain will enhance your CV and give a significant boost to your next career move, whether you are looking to remain in academia or move into industry.

Before you start work, you will receive mandatory general and subject-specific training beforehand from the University, which includes credit-bearing PILT modules. We will expect you to follow guidelines set in the Ocean and Earth Science Postgraduate Handbook. Individual undergraduate lab or field sessions remain under the supervision of an experienced academic.

Photo of Catriona Menzies
Demonstrating to undergraduates has personally been very rewarding. It is an important part of the PhD experience in helping to improve your teaching technique as well as keeping up to date with material you may not have covered since your own undergraduate days.
Catriona Menzies , PhD Geochemistry
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