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Miss Anna Belcher MSci Oceanography

Postgraduate research student

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I am a Postgraduate research student at the National Oceanography Centre, currently investigating the role that the upper ocean ecosystem plays on the transfer and storage of carbon from the atmosphere to the sea bed. In particular I am looking at the mechanisms controlling this biological carbon pump in the Southern Ocean, Antarctica. I am also heavily involved in outreach activities supporting the local marine team of the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust, as well as the Southampton University Roadshow team, helping to engage the general public in science and the environment around them.

Without ocean biology atmospheric carbon dioxide would be 50% higher than current levels (400 ppm) so let's not forget how important and valuable our oceans are to us all!

2004-2006: International Baccalaureate, United World College of the Atlantic
2006-2010: MSci Oceanography, University of Southampton
2008-2009: Study Abroad Year, University of Washington, Seattle
2011-2013: Oceanographic Surveyor, Titan Environmental Surveys, Wales
2013 - Present: PhD student, NOCS



Research Cruises


Research interests

My current interests lie in the controls on export and remineralisation processes in the mesopelagic, particularly in the Southern Ocean.

Previous research projects include:

  • Surface ocean fluxes of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the Bay of Biscay
  • Short term temporal changes in the characteristics of hydrothermal plumes at Rumble III volcano on the Kermadec arc, New Zealand

Research project: Sinking flux in the mesopelagic: processes controlling particulate carbon flux attenuation


Dr Richard Sanders
Dr Stephanie Henson
Professor Richard Lampitt
Dr Geraint Tarling
Dr Clara Manno

Research group

Marine Biogeochemistry

Affiliate research group


  • Demonstrator for first year biogeochemistry module SOES1005
  • Volunteer for Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife trust and STEM Ambassador, 2013-present
  • Led #carbonwheelprint sustainable cycle to UK Antarctic conference, Norwich, July 2016
  • Online polar expert for ‘Exploring Frozen Kingdoms’ discussion board – Education through Expeditions ( Jan-May 2016
  • Co-organiser of UK Polar Network early career outreach workshop at UK Antarctic Conference Norwich, July 2016
  • Co-organiser of Southampton Pint of Science public engagement event, May 2015/2016
  • Volunteer for UK Polar Network public engagement event, Bristol, May 2015
  • Speaker at Researcher’s café event, Southampton, May 2015
  • Volunteer for Southampton University Roadshow public engagement events 2014/2015
  • Volunteer for Ocean and Earth Science day, University of Southampton, March 2014
  • Volunteer for the Big Bang festival, Birmingham, March 2014
  • Natural History Museum – Talk to the scientists outreach event, September 2014
  • Demonstrator for first and second year Biogeochemistry modules,SOES1005 and SOES 2006, 2013-2016
  • Assistant organiser of UK Polar Network early career scientist workshop, ‘Science and Society’, National Oceanography Centre, April 2014


Sept.  2008:  R.V. John P. Tully, Vancouver Island
Hydrographic Monitoring

March 2009:  R.V. Thomas G. Thompson, Kermadec Arc, New Zealand
Investigating the physics, chemistry, geology and biology of hydrothermal systems of the Kermadec Arc

July 2009/Sept. 2010:  R.V. Clifford A. Barnes, Tofino, Canada
Sediment trap and drifter studies

Aug. 2010:  R.V. Wecoma, Washington Margin, USA
Organic geochemistry of sinking particles

Sept. 2010:  R.V. Kilo Moana, Hawaii, USA
Organic geochemistry of sinking particles

June 2013:  R.R.S. James Cook, PAP, North Atlantic
Marine snow catcher studies

July 2013:  R.V. Nathaniel B. Palmer, ETSP
Organic geochemistry of sinking particles

Dec. 2013: R.R.S. James Clark Ross, Southern Ocean
Short term variability in sinking particle flux

Dec. 2014: R.R.S. James Clark Ross, Southern Ocean
Microbial respiration in sinking faecal pellets 

June 2015: R.R.S. Discovery, PAP, North Atlantic
Microbial respiration in sinking marine snow aggregates 

April 2016: R.R.S. Discovery, PAP, North Atlantic
Time series investigation into sinking particle flux

Miss Anna Belcher
Student Office, Room 166/09 University of Southampton Waterfront Campus National Oceanography Centre European Way Southampton SO14 3ZH

Room Number:NOCS/344/35

Telephone:(023) 8059 8724

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