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Mr Carlos Joel Mejia Olivares BSc

Postgraduate research student

Mr Carlos Joel Mejia Olivares's photo

Mr Carlos Mejia Olivares is a Postgraduate research student within Ocean and Earth Science, National Oceanography Centre Southampton at the University of Southampton.

Academic History: BSc Mechanical Engineering, Universidad Tecnológica de México. (UNITEC)
2014-Present: PhD student, National Oceanography Centre Southampton

Employment History: 2007-2014 University Lecturer Faculty of Engineering, Universidad del Valle de Mexico, Campus Zapopan, Mexico.

Research interests

I am interested in Tidal current energy extraction, environmental impacts due to the kinetic energy extraction and hydrodynamic changes at the regions with high stratified flow conditions.

Research project: Kinetic energy extraction from flows with significant density profiles: the case of the Gulf of California, Mexico.

The problem with kinetic energy extraction in stratified tidal current is currently unknown as the physics of the turbulence mixing is not well understood and altering the mixing in such flows may have a significant influence on the bio-system. Preliminary studies have indicated that an example site of the Gulf of California would be suitable for studying these effects. In particular the tidal current in between the Midriff Island (Tiburon Basin) which are known to be over 2.5 m/s which is suitable speed for kinetic energy extraction. Within this region strong mixing occurs which help to bring colder, nutrient-rich water to the surface. The turbulence created by strong tidal currents also as a Physical pump that carries C02 from deep water to the surface. Consequently this area has higher levels of phytoplankton making the area suitable for sea birds and mammals.

This project is concerned with the kinetic energy extraction from such currents from electricity production. Such exploitation will provide Mexico with sustainable resources to augment its energy requirements. The research will undertake appropriate modelling for the scope of energy extraction, the technologies needed and the environmental impacts that are likely to be encountered.

The propose research goals will cover both the issue of how much kinetic energy is viable to extract, the needed technologies and their readiness and identify and establish indicators and analysis on the environment consequences of interventions within the specific site Gulf of California. The results from example sites would also produce generic information for another sites in tropical waters around the world.


Dr Ivan Haigh
Dr Neil Wells
Professor R.J. Nicholls

Research group

Physical Oceanography

Mr Carlos Joel Mejia Olivares
Student Office, Room 166/09 University of Southampton Waterfront Campus National Oceanography Centre European Way Southampton SO14 3ZH
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