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Miss Graihagh Elizabeth Hardinge BSc, MSc

Postgraduate research student

Miss Graihagh Elizabeth Hardinge's photo

Miss Graihagh Elizabeth Hardinge is Postgraduate research student within Ocean and Earth Science, National Oceanography Centre Southampton at the University of Southampton.

2013- (2017): PhD in Ocean and Earth Science, University of Southampton (National Oceanography Centre)

2011-2012: MSc Aquatic Science, University College London

2007-2010: BSc Environmental Science, University of York

Research interests

  • Population dynamics of gelatinous zooplankton
  • Marine Macroecology
  • Deep sea ecology

Jellyfish, as a significant component of the zooplankton, form important and often conspicuous components of marine ecosystems. However, they still remain poorly understood, particularly outside of epipelagic, coastal environments where apparent 'bloom populations' tend to occur. Jellyfish are also conspicuous at mesopelagic (200m to 1000m) and bathypelagic (1000m to 4000m) depths; but considerably less is known about almost all aspects of their biology and population dynamics. This PhD project will investigate the population dynamics and reproductive traits of the deep-sea jellyfish, Periphylla periphylla and Atolla spp. on a macroecological scale. This study will make use of the currently underexploited preserved scyphozoan collections from the Discovery Expeditions held at the Natural History Museum, London.

MPhil/PhD title: The macroecology of globally-distributed deep-sea jellyfish


Prof. Beth Okamura (Natural History Museum, London)
Dr Cathy Lucas (National Oceanography Centre Southampton)
Dr Sven Thatje (National Oceanography Centre Southampton)

Funding: University of Southampton, Natural History Museum, London

Research group

Marine Biology and Ecology

Affiliate research group

Natural History Museum, London

Miss Graihagh Elizabeth Hardinge
Student Office, Room 166/09 University of Southampton Waterfront Campus National Oceanography Centre European Way Southampton SO14 3ZH

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