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Mr Joe William Jones MSci

Postgraduate research student

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Mr Joe Jones is a postgraduate research student within Ocean and Earth Science, National Oceanography Centre Southampton at the University of Southampton.

My first experience of a marine biological research project was when I was awarded a Nuffield Science Bursary during the summer of my AS levels. Supervised by Dr Gordon Watson I used mesocosm experiments to determine if marine top shell snails were suitable replacements for topical grazer species exported from reef environments and used in household aquariums. 

During the summer before starting my MSci of Marine Biology at the University of Southampton I assisted Dr Rick Bruintjes at Bristol University investigate the group forming and affiliative behaviours of cichlid fish.

Whilst studying at the University of Southampton I took any opportunity to be involved in research projects. During the summers of my first and second year with Dr Cathy Lucas I investigated if moon jellyfish could be aged using statocysts. I also volunteered at the Bimini Biological field station during the summer of my second year.

For my masters project, supervised by Dr Cathy Lucas, I utilised the discovery collections held at the Natural History Museum to investigate the diel vertical migration patterns of deep sea jellyfish, Atolla.

After graduating I started working at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences as a research associate for Dr Leocadio Blanco-Bercial and Dr Amy Maas of the zooplankton lab as well as Dr Damian Grundle of the nitrogen cycling lab. On the RV Atlantic Explorer I performed MOCNESS tows and collected data for BIOSCOPE.

Research interests

I am interested in how different fish populations vary in terms of metabolic rate and why. Specifically looking into climate change and fishing pressure. 

Research project: Exploring the metabolic responses of marine fishes to climate change using stable carbon isotope composition of otoliths


Clive Trueman
Phil Fenberg
Ewan Hunter (CEFAS)

Research group

Marine Biology and Ecology

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Mr Joe William Jones
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