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Mr Richard Smith BA, MSci

Postgraduate research student

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Mr Richard Smith is Postgraduate research student within Ocean and Earth Science, National Oceanography Centre Southampton at the University of Southampton.

2009-13: BA, MSci Natural Sciences, University of Cambridge

Master's dissertation project: “Mg/Ca variability of planktonic foraminifera G. ruber from a sediment trap off Bermuda”. Laser Ablation ICP-MS was used to investigate Mg/Ca varaibility between single foraminifera.
Supervisors: Aleksey Sadekov, Harry Elderfield




Research interests

Studying Earth's climate over the last 65 million years gives us crucial insights into how the climate behaves under different conditions to the present. From rapid warming events to long-term planetary cooling, climate has undergone many subtle and dramatic changes over the Cenozoic. I am working with newly drilled sediment cores from Newfoundland (IODP Expedition 342) to improve our understanding of Cenozoic climate, using a variety of geological and geochemical techniques.

MPhil/PhD title: Trends, rhythms and transients in ocean acidification, climate and glaciation during the Eocene greenhouse and Oligocene icehouse


Prof. Paul Wilson
Dr Steve Bohaty

Research group

Palaeoceanography and Palaeoclimate

Demonstrating to undergraduates

Mr Richard Smith
Student Office, Room 166/09 University of Southampton Waterfront Campus National Oceanography Centre European Way Southampton SO14 3ZH
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