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Organic Geochemistry Laboratories

The Organic Geochemistry Facility (led by Dr Jessica Whiteside) hosts a variety of instruments designed to characterise organic matter from the environment and the geological record. The facility has dedicated sample preparation lab, wet chemistry lab space, and an instrumentation lab utilizing state-of-the-art gas chromatographs (GC) linked to various mass spectrometers, including a GC-isotope ratio mass spectrometer. For further information, please contact Dr Jessica WhitesideDr Gordon Inglis or Dr Sargent Bray.


Our facility specialises in the extraction, purification, separation, and chemical and isotopic characterization of complex organic mixtures found in biological and environmental materials. Gas chromatography (GC) is used to separate complex mixtures of volatile compounds. A range of hyphenated techniques (e.g. GC-mass spectrometry) are then used to characterise these complex mixtures. We also operate a GC-isotope ratio mass spectrometer (GC-C-IRMS) which enables compound specific δ13C, δ15N and δ2H value determinations.

A Thermo Accelerated Solvent Extraction system and Genevac EZ-2
A Thermo Accelerated Solvent Extraction system and Genevac EZ-2

We currently operate the following instruments:

Other operational features include a Thermo Accelerated Solvent Extraction (ASE) system, a Genevac EZ-2 centrifugal evaporation system and a fully outfitted wet chemistry laboratory to undertake a wide variety of sample preparation.

The instrumentation facility
The instrumentation facility


Recent projects utilising the organic geochemistry facilities include:

Consultancy work

Characterization of drilling fluids

Key contacts

Dr Sarge Bray


360° videos below show:

1) Organic Geochemistry Wet Laboratory
2) Organic Geochemistry Analytical Laboratory

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