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The University of Southampton
Ocean and Earth Science, National Oceanography Centre Southampton

Research project: Frequency and emplacement dynamics of huge submarine landslides in the Norwegian and Greenland Basins: Implications for landslide-tsunami hazard

Currently Active: 

The UK faces few, if any other natural hazards that could cause damage on the scale of a repeat Storegga Slide tsunami. However, the Storegga Slide is not the only large submarine landslide in the Norwegian Sea, as there have been at least six mega-slides in the last 20 thousand years.

Given the potential impacts of a slide generated tsunami to the UK, there is a need for a better understanding of the frequency, timing and triggers, and emplacement dynamics of these submarine mega-slides.

Location and extent of the huge Storegga Slide offshore Norway that occurred about 8,200 years ago
Figure 1


  • ˜50 sediment cores collected from around the Norwegian, Greenland and Svalbard margins
  • Sub-bottom profiler data, that images in the upper 5-30m of sediment, in these regions

Key Objectives

  • To produce a robust chronology of mega-landslides around the Norwegian and Greenland basins
  • To analyse individual turbidite layers to determine whether (and how) they provide insight into the emplacement dynamics of these submarine landslides
  • To understand if any link exists between sea level rise, ocean warming and landslide frequency and magnitude on the margins of the Polar North Atlantic
Perspective view of sea-surface elevation 2h after the release of the Storegga Slide
Figure 2

Key Contacts

Ed Pope

Dr Peter Talling

Dr Russell Wynn

Dr Esther Sumner

Dr James Hunt

PhDs and Other Opportunities


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