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The University of Southampton
Ocean and Earth Science, National Oceanography Centre Southampton

Research project: Marine Algal Biofuel

Currently Active: 

Optimisation of antenna size to maximise biofuel production in microalgae through single-cell sorting and transcriptomics.

High/low chlorophyll algal strains
High/low chlorophyll algal strains

Biofuels derived from marine algae are a potential source of sustainable energy that can contribute to future global demands. The realisation of this potential will require manipulation of the fundamental biology of algal physiology to increase the efficiency with which solar energy is ultimately converted into usable biomass. This 'photosynthetic solar energy conversion efficiency' sets an upper limit on the potential of algal-derived biofuels. In this project, we use photosynthetic molecular targets to increase the efficiency and yield of algal biofuel production. We also use modern 'omic' and high-throughput technologies to enable identification, selection and improvement of algal cell lines on timescales relevant for achieving significant contributions to future energy solutions.

Stephenson PG, Terry M, Zubkov M, Moore CM, Bibby TS. (2011) Improving photosynthesis for algal biofuel - towards a green revolution TRENDS IN BIOTECHNOLOGY

Key Contacts

Dr Tom Bibby
Prof Matthew Terry
Dr Mike Zubkov
Prof Mark Moore
Dr Richard Edwards

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