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The University of Southampton
Ocean and Earth Science, National Oceanography Centre SouthamptonOur research

Research themes

We place a strong emphasis on ensuring that our research contributes to understanding some of the most challenging scientific questions and important societal needs that face the world today.

Our research tackles major global issues of environmental and societal importance
Investigating climate change

Our research addresses key themes, including the ocean's role in the whole earth system, the oceans and climate change, marine biodiversity, sustainable use of natural resources and natural hazards.

These themes can bridge disciplines, with scientists from separate groups, both within the ocean and Earth sciences and from other subject areas across the University, working collaboratively to approach to these key areas.


Our research enhances our understanding of the character and evolution of the coastal zone
The diversity of the coastal zone


Coastal and Shelf Processes

Scientists from across our main research groups contribute to work in this area, aiming to enhance our understanding of the character and evolution of the coastal zone, nationally and internationally.

Coastal and Shelf research investigates fundamental processes through coordinated field and laboratory experimentation linked to numerical prediction. Key research includes: structure, behaviour and evolution of sediments; offshore sandbanks; salt marshes; intertidal mudflats; beaches and benthic boundary layers under coastal waves and currents. Through such studies we can help provide clear, accurate and concise information and advice on coastal management issues, and help to train coastal scientists.

Many activities are undertaken in partnership with colleagues in Geography and Civil Engineering. We are also linked to the University's Centre for Coastal Processes, Engineering and Management (CCPEM).


We are committed to seeking scientific solutions to some of the major challenges facing our world today. In doing so, we are quite literally looking below the surface and thinking outside the box. Our cross-disciplinary research themes reflect these explorations.

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