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The University of Southampton
Ocean and Earth Science, National Oceanography Centre Southampton

Carbon storage and geoengineering


Significant reduction of anthropogenic greenhouse-gas emissions into the atmosphere is required to mitigate or defer global climate change. One strategy is to prevent CO 2 from being released into the atmosphere; another is to remove CO 2 from the atmosphere for long-term storage or conversion into carbonates. Our research aims to understand CO 2 transport and CO 2 -water-rock interactions in conventional (depleted oil and gas reservoirs, deep saline aquifers) and unconventional (basalts, mantle peridotites, enhanced weathering) geological storage reservoirs as well as in the overburden above storage reservoirs.


We are studying natural analogues and conducting laboratory, field, and numerical simulation experiments. We also develop and apply new monitoring and accounting techniques to monitor the transport and reactivity of CO 2 in the geologic subsurface, which is key for commercializing carbon capture and storage.

Research Projects

Affiliated Research Groups / Initiatives

Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute ( )
Clean Carbon ( )

PhD's and Other Opportunities

Open position in “Environmental monitoring of geologic carbon dioxide storage”


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