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Andy Tucknott

Undergraduate in Geology

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Don't see the foundation year as 'just another' year to get you onto your chosen degree programme. View it as a part of your degree, set the bar high from the on set, achieve good grades, turn up to lectures (contact time is one of the valuable tools at your disposal) and learn to thrive in this university environment. Immerse yourself in everything the university has to offer, starting with the huge amount of resources at your disposal on the foundation year.

The foundation year puts you in a unique position from the word go.

Make no mistake, it's hard work and requires a lot of effort. Just as subsequent years will. However the sense of self satisfaction upon achieving good grades far outweighs the difficult times. Be proud of yourself for getting this far and continue to maintain that point of view throughout this and subsequent years.

For me, It has given the ability to think across scientific disciplines with an analytical approach. It gave me insight into what will be required of me over the next few years at university. You'll find yourself settled, comfortable and well adjusted to a university life style, come your second year here.

Make the most of the 'base room', you'll miss it in future years when your hard pushed to find a seat in the library around exam times, on hot summer days surrounded by hot sweaty bods with next to no ventilation!

Build friendships with each other and with David, Pam and Jean. You have three fantastic staff members who are incredibly supportive all the way and believe me, you will miss them in the years to come.

Beyond all of the above, "learn how to learn". Find your style early on, don't wait until exams and identify how 'you' best retain information.

I finished the Foundation Year last year, June 2015.

I'm currently in my first year (about to progress onto the second) of an undergraduate in Geology.

My graduation year will either be, 2018 or 2019.

It's dependent on if I take the integrated MSci, which I've recently been advised to do by the faculty.

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