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The University of Southampton
OLIGOMED - Oligonucleotides for medical applications


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The multipartner, multidisciplinary project OLIGOMED addresses urgent needs in healthcare, in particular cancer, Huntington's Disease and cardiovascular diseases.

We apply cutting edge oligonucleotide technology to find innovative solutions and create a novel platform for personalised medicine.

Read on to learn about our rationale behind the project.


Oligonucleotide Therapeutics: Needs, Solutions and Implementation


The needs

The use of synthetic oligonucleotides (ONs, short DNA or RNA strands) in the treatment of genetic diseases is a rapidly growing field, and the most promising alternative to gene therapy or small molecules.

Most pharmaceutical companies shift from in-house platform development to product-specific licensing and co-development to get ON based therapies past clinical trials.

There is a growing and currently unmet need for a combined academic and industry-based multidisciplinary research to further advance the field by bringing together the separated and fragmented R&D efforts of diverse ON technologies.


Our solution

OLIGOMED will address these needs by:

We will use these novel ON technologies to develop innovative treatment options for high-impact genetic diseases, i.e. Huntington’s disease, cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Structure and delivery

Our European intersectoral and multidisciplinary research and training network is structured in four work packages and employs 15 Early Stage Researchers (ESRs).

The project will deliver:

This combination makes OLIGOMED a truly exciting programme for ESRs. The platform will immediately benefit to both European citizens and commercial partners.

In the long term, OLIGOMED`s flexible platform technology will be taken forward by our private sector and research institutions for exploitation and will thus strengthen the European innovation capacity in the field of ON therapies.

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