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The University of Southampton
OLIGOMED - Oligonucleotides for medical applications

Dr. Teresa Lauria

Teresa Lauria

Dr. Teresa Lauria is PDRA in the group of Eugen Stulz, and is part of the management team of OLIGOMED.


Teresa Lauria obtained her BSc with honours in Chemistry at the University of University of “Federico II” in Naples (Italy).

During her Bachelor’s thesis, she explored the possibility to synthesise 2’-deoxyguanosine monomers suitably modified on the nucleobase, 8-deuterated and CF3-8-modified guanine nucleosides, and successively to insert them at defined positions within specific G-rich DNA sequences. This work was part of a wider project aimed at a detailed study of the peculiar three-dimensional arrangements of these compounds in physiological conditions.

Afterwards, she kept working with nucleic acids during her Master’s thesis which was in collaboration with Nanyang University (Singapore). The goal of the project was the investigation of the physical chemistry stability of DNA Quadruplex-Duplex hybrids to define the optimal conditions for their use as building-block in the synthesis and in the development of nanostructures for nanotechnological purposes.

After her Master’s degree graduation with honours, she briefly worked as Research Assistant at the research group "Polymers physics" on a project concerning bio-plastics at University of “Federico II” before joining the Marie-Curie ITN “ClickGene” as Early Stage Researcher. The end-goal of the project was the development and in-vitro characterisation of selective artificial metallo-nucleases (AMNs) for anticancer application via anti-gene therapy. AMNs were generated using “click chemistry” for the bio-conjucation of small molecules to triplex forming oligonucleotides (TFOs). This idea was expanded to ruthenium-based hybrid materials for the development of luminescent probes using “click chemistry” for the direct conjugation of ruthenium complexes to single DNA strands. This project was conducted with direct collaboration of Prof. Thomas Carell’s group  (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, LMU).

In her current role, Teresa will help in the management aspect of OLIGOMED, but also be actively involved in the research project both locally and consortium wide, while also conducting her own research project on G-Quadruplexes.

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