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The University of Southampton
OLIGOMED - Oligonucleotides for medical applications

ESR Project. 5, BioVectis (PL)

In vitro assay development for ON spatial conformer analysis and isolation

Host institution
BioVectis, Warsaw, Poland

Dr. Krzysztof Kucharczyk

Dr Anis Alouini, Synvec, Bordeaux, France (industrial)
Prof. Eugen Stulz, University of Southampton, UK (academic)

The ESR will be enrolled in the PhD program of Gent University, Belgium.

Project description

Biovectis is seeking to recruit an Early Stage Research (ESR) Fellow. The successful candidate will be researching researching key topics in the use of synthetic oligonucleotides (ONs) for medical applications leading to submission of their PhD thesis after 3 years. A successful thesis will receive the PhD degree in Science: Chemistry from Ghent University.

The aim of this ESR PhD project will be the development and optimization of protocols for in vitro analysis of nucleic acids fragments and their spatial conformers by ultraprecise electrophoretic mobility shift assays to support the ON leads development. Such functional in vitro assays in the high throughput format will be used for the ON therapeutic mechanism of action validation, specific activity of candidate’s development. The development of gel-shift assay to map specific RNA 3D and 3D structures will allow detection of specific ASO binding to IRES structures; evaluation and selection of nucleotides modifying or stabilizing IRES structures (mRNA vaccines); in vivo activity testing of modified nucleotides targeting IRES structures specific to oncogenes. During secondments in partner organizations the student will extend his/her knowledge on the effect of ONs derivatization and modification and evaluate the delivery in different cancer cell models

Host laboratory

Research activities in the group of Dr. Krzysztof Kucharczyk are focused on the development and implementation of in vitro analytical methods for discovery and validation of DNA and/or RNA minor genetic variants present at heterogenic clinical material like virology and oncology samples. The analytical methods based on proprietary equipment, methods and tools for ultra-precise slab gel electrophoresis are used for: 1) nucleic acids (ssDNA and RNA ) spatial conformers separation, 2) protein-proteins and proteins-nucleic acids complexes analysis. The laboratory is located at the Bio Campus Ochota Warsaw, Poland, with access and established collaborations with a groups using bioinformatics, mass spectrometry, next generation sequencing, flow cytometry, SPR and other laboratory analytic techniques. Also, we have established R&D collaborations with the biggest clinical campus in Poland of Warsaw Medical University, a located next to our lab.


This project is carried out in strong collaboration with the following groups, and visits to their laboratories is expected during the project. A willingness to travel and spend time abroad is therefore essential:

Required Skills


For additional information on this project, please contact Dr. Krzysztof Kucharczyk ( ).

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