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The University of Southampton
Observational Study Examining Osteoporosis


Our research team: from the University of Southampton and the University Hospital Southampton

Dr Philipp Thurner

As Chief Investigator, Philipp Thurner leads the study being responsible for obtaining funding and designing the study as well as monitoring and steering its progress. Click here for Philipp Thurner's profile.

Dr Nicholas Harvey

As Principal Investigator, Nicholas Harvey is specifically responsible for the conduct of the study at the University Hospital Southampton: the clinical design and monitoring of the study. Click here for Nicholas Harvey's profile.

Tom Jenkins

Tom Jenkins is working on this project for his doctorate: he is involved in recruiting participants, participant assessment and analysing tissue. Click here for Tom Jenkins' profile.

Dr Louise Coutts

Louise Coutts is a postdoctoral researcher working on this study as her main research focus. She is also responsible for the recruitment of participants, their assessment and the analysis of tissue. Click here for Louise Coutts' profile.

Dr Nicole Moss

Nicole Moss is a Specialist Registrar involved in all tasks at the University Hospital Southampton: identifying participants, the recruitment process and assessment.

Professor Richard Oreffo

Richard Oreffo is involved in the animal study aspect of this project as well as the design and running of the clinical study, being a co-investigator on the EPSRC grant. Click here for Richard Oreffo's profile.

Mr Douglas Dunlop

Douglas Dunlop is a Consultant Surgeon responsible for retaining the bone tissue as well as advising on the design and progress of the study as a EPSRC grant co-investigator. Click here for Douglas Dunlop's profile.

Professor Cyrus Cooper

Cyrus Cooper is a co-investigator on the EPSRC grant, being involved in the design of the study and steering meetings to monitor and assess its progress. Click here for Cyrus Cooper's profile.

Dr Mark Baxter

Mark Baxter is a Consultant who has advised on the clinical design of this study and will have involvement in monitoring and steering its progresses. Click here for Mark Baxter's profile.

Image of Phillip Turner
Dr Philipp Thurner
Image of Nick Harvey
Dr Nick Harvey
Image of Tom Jenkins
Tom Jenkins
Image of Louise Coutts
Dr Louise Coutts
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