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The University of Southampton
The Parkes Institute

Seminar on Jewish Migrations Event

14:00 - 16:00
16 May 2018
Room 1177 Building 65 Avenue Campus University of Southampton SO17 1BF

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Event details

As part of the Parkes Visiting Fellows’ Programme in Jewish Migration (funded by the Clinton Silver endowment), we are delighted to host two scholars in Southampton this year : Nir Cohen, a geographer from Bar-Ilan University, and Sebastian Musch, a historian from the University of Osnabrück.

Seminar on Jewish migrations

You are warmly invited to attend the joint seminar on Jewish migrations that they will give  on Wednesday 16 May, 2-4pm (65/1177) to present their current research.

Nir’s presentation examines the changes in Israeli state discourse and policy towards children of Israeli emigrants since the establishment of the state (1948). Specifically, he will show how second generation migrants have been discursively constructed as a distinct category of (diasporic) citizens and discuss the changing strategies employed by state officials to cultivate relations with them.

Sebastian will present a biographical exploration of Rabbi Hermann Helfgott-Zvi Asaria (1913–2002). His life story is one of transnational mobility, and its woes, pains, hopes and aspirations are in many ways exemplary of the Jewish experience in the 20th century.

Refreshments will be provided.

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