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Antisemitism - a (((musical))) | London Event

Artwork by Lily Ash Sakula
17 - 28 October 2023
Camden People's Theatre (London)

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Event details

The Parkes Institute is a proud supporter of Antisemitism - a (((musical))), a new musical written and composed by Parkes PGR Uri Agnon.

Arriving in pursuit of a calm life, our unsuspecting hero is thrown into a wild journey full of absurd characters — his bickering aunts in Finchley, a drunken lord and a couple of kidnappers who think they’ve captured Uri Geller for ransom.

Will he learn a deep lesson about identity, power and privilege?
Will he find the meaning of Jewishness?
Will he unpack the mysteries of British subtext and euphemism?
Will everyone just leave him alone?

Sure to get under everyone’s skin, Antisemitism tackles one of the most explosive topics in British politics through song and dance. A quick-paced political satire that uses Jewish humour and genre-bending music to produce a nuanced, fierce depiction of new-old hate from the perspective of the eternal outsider/insider: the wandering Jew.

Performance Details


Venue: Camden People's Theatre, October 17th-28th, 7PM

Booking Link :

The show will also be playing in Southampton in November. Click here to find out more.


Writer and Composer: Uri Agnon
Director: Emma Jude Harris
Musical Director: David Merriman
Set and Costume Designer: Cory Shipp
Lighting Designer: Amy Daniels
Video Designer: Adam Lenson
Movement Director: Amy Lawrence
Movement Consultant: Adi Gortler
Producer: Jessie Anand
Production Manager: Andreas Ayling
Stage Manager: Zoë Mackinnon
Tweet choir (Pre-recorded singing): Peter Falconer
Protagonist: Maya Kristal Tenenbaum
Narrator 1: Hannah Bristow
Narrator 2: Amy Parker
Keys 1: David Merriman
Keys 2: Oli George Rew
Dramaturgical support by Emma Jude Harris
Initial dramaturgical and producing support by Chalk Dramaturgy

Supported by Arts Council England, the Royal Victoria Hall Foundation, the Hinrichsen Foundation and the Parkes Institute for the Study of Jewish non-Jewish Relations.

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