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Parkes Institute Visiting Fellowship in Textual and non-textual Jewish heritage

The Parkes Institute for the Study of Jewish/non-Jewish Relations at the University of Southampton is delighted to once again invite applications for two visiting fellows to take up temporary positions at the Parkes Institute.

This year’s theme is ‘Textual and non-textual Jewish heritage’, which can be interpreted broadly and include relations with other groups. We welcome applications from scholars at any stage of their career, working on topics related to Jewish history, culture and heritage, from antiquity to the present, including the digital age. Special consideration will be given to applications that demonstrate engagement with the Parkes Library and Jewish archives at the University of Southampton. To conform to the wishes of one our donors, one of the fellowships will be granted to a scholar working on research with connections to one or more of the following topics: East European Jewish history and culture; Jewish migration; and Jewish economic history. Scholars should have completed their PhD and be affiliated to a non-UK institution.

The fellowships are for at least one month and up to two months, and will provide up to £2,500 to cover travel, accommodation and living expenses. The fellowships are offered for the second semester and should be taken up either before or after our Easter break [25 March-25 April 2022] with as much overlap as possible between the two fellows, either from 31 January to 25 March or from 25 April to early in June. Please indicate your availability in your application.

The Parkes Institute will provide access to the Parkes Library and Special Collections, as well as to a working space and university facilities. We can also provide support for visa applications where needed.

Fellows will be based in Southampton and are expected to attend Parkes events (such as the Tuesday evening research seminars and Wednesday afternoon doctoral seminars) and to participate in the intellectual life of the Institute. Fellows will be asked either to deliver a seminar paper or to present their work to students in the form of a teaching session or master class.


Please send a CV and a proposal (up to 700-words) to outlining your research project, methodology, reasons why the Parkes Institute is an appropriate venue for you to conduct your research and your plan for the fellowship including projected outcome.

The deadline for applications is 3rd January 2022.

A list of past scholars and fellows can be seen below.




Past fellows:


Dr Susanne Korbel, lecturer at the Center for Jewish Studies at the University of Graz (Austria)

Research Project: 'Intimacy in a Splendid Metropolis: Versatile Encounters between Jews and non-Jews in Vienna around 1900'


Dr Reuven Kiperwasser, lecturer at Ariel University (Israel) and research associate at Hebrew University (Israel)

Research project:' A Jew and a Gentile in the mirror of a Rabbinic Conversion story: From Aquila the Proselyte to Abba Goolias'

Dr Nir Cohen
Dr Nir Cohen


Dr Nir Cohen, Senior Lecturer in the department of Geography at Bar-Ilan Universit.

Research project: ‘the changes in Israeli state discourse and policy towards children of Israeli emigrants since the establishment of the state (1948)’

Dr Sebastian Musch, research fellow in history at the University of Osnabrück.

Research project: ‘A biographical exploration of Rabbi Hermann Helfgott-Zvi Asaria (1913–2002)’

Sebastian Musch
Sebastian Musch


Vladimir Levin, Acting Director of the Center for Jewish Art, Hebrew University.

Research project: “The Place and Function of the Synagogue in the East European Jewish Society from the Late Eighteenth to the Early Twentieth Centuries”.

Portrait of Vladimir Levin
Vladimir Levin
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