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October 2019: Lincoln Cathedral

In October 2019, the exhibition visited Lincoln Cathedral .

During its time in Lincoln, the exhibition was visited by Cheltenham Ladies’ College’s Archivist, Rachel Roberts. Parkes’ sister, Mary Katherine (known as Molly), was a pupil of the College from September 1915 to July 1918. Molly was lost at sea on the RMS Leinster during the First World War.

Rachel Roberts noted that, before visiting the exhibition, the College had no idea that Molly was related to James Parkes. The College’s own archive contains very little surviving documentation about Molly’s life before College. The Parkes Institute were delighted to be able to share more information about Molly’s earlier life with Cheltenham Ladies’ College.

Molly Parkes is mentioned in an exhibition on the female contribution on the First World War, which Rachel curated in 2018. You can find details of the exhibition on the Cheltenham Remembers website.

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