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Module Information

You can study Jewish history and culture as part of the History, English and Language departments. Below is an indicative list of modules for 1st, 2nd and 3rd year:


Year 1 modules

HIST1016 Masada: History and Myth
HIST1102 The End of the World: Apocalyptic Visions of History
HIST1101 Jewish Art before the Holocaust
HIST1012 Who Is Anne Frank?
HIST1091 Responses to the Holocaust
HIST1085 German Jews in Great Britain after 1933
HIST1133 Passages in a Middle Eastern Tragedy: Israel, Palestine, Islam and Ourselves

Undergraduate Students

Year 2 modules

HIST2045 Cleopatra's Egypt
HIST2085 Rebels with a Cause: The Historical Origins of Christianity
HIST2060 From the Czars to Red Star
HIST2004 The Making of Englishness
HIST2073 Jews in Germany before the Holocaust
HIST2221 Art, Culture and Politics in Germany
HIST 2224 Children in Europe 1933-50: Holocaust, War, Displacement and Survival
HIST2042 Modern Jewish Culture and the Big City
HIST2048 Music and Resistance
HIST2006 Looking Beyond the Holocaust                                                                                                                                              HIST2219 Ritual Murder: The Antisemitic Blood Libel from 12th century England to 20th century Russia
ENGL2012 Jewish Fictions
GERM2006 Metropolitan Cultures

Student working at Avenue Campus
Student working at Avenue Campus

Year 3 Modules

HIST3167 Roman Imperialism and the Jews
HIST3157 Hidden and Forbidden, Religious Lives East of Rome
HIST3195 Islam, Conquests and Caliphates
HIST3187 The Bible and History
HIST3133 Heresy and Inquisition in the Early Modern Iberian World
HIST3104 Refugees in the Twentieth Century
HIST3054 The Third Reich
HIST3060 The Holocaust: Policy, Responses, Aftermath
HIST3155 Eastern European Jewish Culture in the age of Genocide
HIST3162 The Holocaust in Literature and Film
ENGL3007 Holocaust Literature
ENGL3045 Post-war American Jewish Literature
GERM3017 Renaissance of German-Jewish Literature after the Holocaust
HIST3113 Modern Israel 1948-2007
GERM3006 Minorities and Migrants: Exploring Multicultural Germany
HIST3116 Alternative Histories: Between Private Memory and Public History
HIST3033 Islam and the West

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