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The science of stress and the art of managing it  Event

John Perry
12:45 - 13:45
18 March 2015
19/3011 (ISVR Seminar room)

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Event details

Many people believe that emotional tensions are the direct and unavoidable result of adverse, challenging situations. True or false?

This session is now fully booked with a waiting list. We hope there will be a repeat session later in the year.

False, according to John Perry, an experienced counsellor and Principal Teaching Fellow in the Faculty of Medicine. John will outline our deep-seated physiological responses to danger. These were very sensible when humans were surrounded by carnivorous predators a few thousand years ago.

Today, our reactions to events are often less rational. This results in stress and - further along the spectrum - mental suffering and burn-out. Understanding how to change our own perceptions and beliefs and release our tensions is a key to happy, healthy survival in the 21st century jungle.

Incidentally, this also explains why cats have no morals and men typically can't find stuff in the fridge.....

Please note slightly later meeting time. Lunch will be available as usual, courtesy of Diversity.

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The A-B-C Stress Model

We often can't influence or control the Activating Event (sometimes also called Adversity)

But we can examine and potentially change our Beliefs about the situation

In this way, we can help ourselves avoid unnecessary, destructive Consequences such as stress and anxiety.

Other stress-busting options

PDU / ILIaD training opportunities: log into StaffBook and search under Personal Effectiveness for topics such as managing pressure at work.

Theano, an education and support network mainly for students in STEMM subjects, hosted a workshop on 12 March.


With shared interests and responsibilities, we are a support system that goes beyond a monthly meeting, with new links and friendships formed over time.

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John Perry,Healthcare Communications team in the Faculty of Medicine

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