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Public Engagement with Research

Evaluating Public Engagement

Thorough evaluation is essential to effective public engagement activity, for a variety of reasons. These reasons can be as simple as 'How many people attended the activity?', moving toward more complex questions like 'Did the activity achieve its aims?'. The most important thing to recognise is that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to public engagement evaluation. All projects require a different approach - or maybe even several approaches - to evaluation based on the target audience, the number of researchers and participants involved, whether there are external partners, etc. This site is designed to help you navigate your own way through evaluating your public engagement with research project, regardless of the type of project or the level of progress you have made. Read on for guidance on getting started.

Infographic explaining why evaluating public engagement activity is important
Why Evaluate?

Planning your evaluation (click for more)

Plan your project evaluation early - at the start if possible. No one expects it to stay the same throughout the project, but early planning enables you to keep the aims and objectives in sight at all times.

Review, Review, Review (click for more)

Ensuring that you regularly review your evaluation methods and approaches will help you to react swiftly to the unexpected, and save a huge amount of work at the end of your project.

Key points to remember


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