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The University of Southampton
Public Engagement with Research

Storing, handling and managing evaluation data

The University Library provides detailed Research Data Management guidance and support - to help you manage your data, making it easier to find and analyse, as well as ensuring you are adhering to ethical guidelines.

If you are being funded to do your research/activity, then there may be a specific Data Management Plan (DMP) requested by your funder.  

If you don't have any specific requirements imposed on you, then it will still be helpful to keep the following factors in mind:

1.  What data will be created?

2.  Who will create the data?

3.  Roles and responsibilities

4.  Software and services required

5.  Naming and describing your data

6.  Data sharing with collaborators

7.  Storage - short and long term

8.  Dissemination

9.  Restrictions to sharing

10. Permissions to share

A more detailed checklist is available from the Digital Curation Centre here.

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