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Public Engagement with Research

Public Engagement Activity Mapper

network view in Mapper
Track and optimise your activities

The Activity Mapper is designed to help us create connections between outreach and public engagement staff and projects. It consists of an easy-to-add-to database of outreach and public engagement Activities, and allows People to record when an Event takes place and the Audience served; and then makes it easy to manipulate and explore this information.

For example:

Staff or PGRs who are new to outreach or PE can explore who is doing what within their Department or Faculty, and easily locate contact information to connect with more experienced colleagues.

Staff reviewing the reach of eg school engagement activities can discover which schools have been visited within a particular time-period, and identify un-visited schools to inform future planning.

A Faculty wanting to review the impact of their outreach and PE can create a filtered list of their staff's activities, and compare their data with other departments at a glance.

Mapper main features:

Network View - Maps the relationships between Faculties, Departments, their People and Activities in a network diagram that can be navigated and manipulated - linking directly to the Profile View for each Person and Activity.

Map View - A geographic view shows locations visited and how recently - this can be filtered by Faculty, Department and Audience type.  It can also be set to show unvisited schools imported from national DoE datasets.

Report View - People, Activities, Audiences, Events and Venues are all available in filterable, easily navigable and exportable lists.

Profile View - Each Person, Activity, Audience, Event and Venue has their own comprehensive profile page.

Pure Import - Outreach and PE activities that have been created in PURE can be easily imported and used in the Mapper, with a little extra data.

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