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The University of Southampton
Public Engagement with Research

We are building a bank of public engagement case studies - based on the exciting work of our PER Development (seed) Funding projects.

Explore the links below to get ideas and inspiration, plus tips on what works and what can be challenging.

at the celebration event in April 2019

A Celebration of Mary Wollstonecraft

How a celebratory event was used to bring academics, activists and enthusiasts together in collaborative dialogue around the legacy of Wollstsonecraft.

6th formers involved in project work

Engaging with parents of the future

Exploring the ways young people think about genetic screening - using critical thinking and ethical debate - to inform on-going research into responsible implementation of couple-based genetic screening.

The Idea Jammers

Idea Jamming with Teenagers

Engaging with young people to work with game designers on the design and functionality of a new smartphone game to help teenagers exercise and eat healthily.

a section of the completed artwork

Engaging with Proteins

Engaging adults and children to explore the nature and function of proteins within the human body, through co-creation of embroidered panels to make a communal art work.

ACoRN logo designed by 9 yr old Josh


Co-constructing an innovative research-practice partnership between University researchers and autism community partners.

using motion capture to examine manual dexterity

Life at the Cutting Edge

Engaging the public to answer a central question within human origins research: how can archaeologists recognise skill and expertise within early pre-history? 

charting sea voyages

The Voyage Out

Collaborative engagement using primary source material to illustrate the experiences of passengers on board East India Company ships - with the British Library.

getting hand-on with snot!

What's got up your nose?

Engaging a wide public audience about S. pneumoniae, the importance of vaccination, and the role of clinical studies and research in understanding S.pneumoniae carriage - with hands-on activities.

how does pressure to breastfeed impact maternal health and wellbeing?

The Breastfeeding Dilemma

Exploring philosophical issues in the way we talk and think about infant feeding choices - with academics, policy-makers, medical professionals, parental support organisations and mothers.

developing a shared vision for community open spaces

Shared Vision

A collaborative project to research local community use of underused open spaces and increase local appreciation and ownership.

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