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The University of Southampton
Public Engagement with Research

Researchers' Cafe Event

listen ... sip ... discuss
18:30 - 20:00
12 June 2015
METTRICK'S TEA & COFFEE The French Quarter, 117 High Street (QE2 Mile), Old Town, Southampton SO14 2AA

For more information regarding this event, please email Tony Curran at .

Event details

The Researchers' Café is a new way for researchers to meet each other and other staff, students and the public, and discuss their research in an informal space.

The following topics have now been confirmed for 12 June 2015:

Climate Change in the Arctic: is it unprecedented? – with Dr Maarten van Hardenbroek

Is climate change affecting the Arctic? Is this just another warm phase? Can we use the past as analogue for the future? It’s getting warmer, things are going to change, so what?!

Neuromotor Rehabilitation - new technologies and challenges – with Dr Anna Soska

Anna will introduce the existing technologies in neuromotor rehabilitation and then discuss the future challenges in this research domain based on her own experience in developing a novel hand rehabilitation system.

Satellite imaging: its not just pretty pictures! - with Dr Robin Wilson

Robin will talk about what we can and can't see form satellites, how scientific satellite images are different from Google Earth, and why they are important. Find out how satellites can be used to monitor things like air pollution and plant health, and explore what the future might hold ...

All welcome ... just come along!

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