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Researchers' Café

Researchers' Café
Researchers' Café

Listen, sip, discuss.

The Researchers' Café enables students, staff and the public to meet University researchers and discuss their research in an informal space.  Cafés take place around once per month; they are always free to attend with no need to register.


The next Researchers' Cafe will take place on Friday 11 May 2018, 18.30-20.15 at Mettricks Old Town, 117 High Street, SO14 2AA.  This event is running as part of the Festival of Doctoral Research, and the presenters will be drawn from our doctoral researcher community.

All are welcome to this Festival of Doctoral Research special to hear about and discuss the following topics:

- Measuring air pollution: at what cost? with Florentin Bulot

- New thinking on career success, with Hang Tran

- Will our coastal natural heritage disappear under sea-level rise? with Salma Sabour

Come and have some interesting conversations and perhaps learn something new, and enjoy a tea or coffee on us!

For more information, please visit the Researchers' Cafe Facebook group 


The previous Researchers’ Café 33: the plastics pollution problem took place on 16th March 2018 at Mettricks Old Town, 117 High Street, SO14 2AA.

This event featured the following conversations that linked to the British Science Week theme:

The Ocean Plastic Problem. Researchers explored questions such as what can individuals do to minimise plastic use? Where should the change come from? What needs to be done locally? What is being done?

Creating plastics that don’t harm the world. Researchers explored questions such as is it possible to switch to bio-materials only? Is there enough ‘bio’ to go around? Can we reduce plastic use in the meantime – and how?

For more information click here.

You can join the Researchers' Cafe Facebook group here.

What are the aims of the Researchers' Café?

For Researchers who have volunteered to lead a discussion, you will get to practice explaining your research and may gain new insights and ideas. You will also receive a free Researchers' Café t-shirt!

For those attending (whether a researcher or not), this is an informal way to meet (other) researchers. Come along for a fun evening, learn and stretch your grey matter!

How does the Researchers' Café work?

After time to grab a drink everyone will join one of the researchers who have prepared to talk about their subject area - there will usually be 3 presenting researchers at each event. On each table will be bullet point 'conversation starters' to prompt discussion or questions. Attendees are free to drop-in, switch tables or leave at any time.

The PERu lead for Researchers' Cafe is Dr Tony Curran 

This 2 minute film provides an overview of the Researchers' Café:

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