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The University of Southampton
Public Engagement with Research

Roadshow Awards 2014

The annual review, celebration and awards for the Bringing Research to Life Roadshow took place on Wednesday 29th October 2014.

Awards were presented by Professor Judith Petts, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research & Enterprise).

Group phot - Roadshow Awardees 2014
Roadshow Awardees 2014


From the Award citation: "This researcher's enthusiasm is infectious. [She is] able to bring a deep, expert knowledge of [her] field to all, and [she] can switch seamlessly from a high-level discussion with industrial experts to an inspiring intro for young children'"

From the Award citation: "This researcher has been able to talk about his research and the wiser context of his work in great detail at all levels of understanding. [... He] has a great ability to welcome and to hold an audience."

From the Award citation: "This researcher has been an accomplished communicator on the road, but more significantly, did a superb job of training others to work with [his] research exhibit." 

From the Award citation: "This researcher is someone with a passion for the principle of research communication, who really understands the long-term educational, cultural, economic and even democratic impact of being out there, discussing the value of academic research"

Award citation: "This researcher combines an ability to talk in detail at just the right level, with a generalist's enthusiasm for new disciplines and fields of research."


From the Award citation: "[Roadshow stands] need some content that works for primary age children, some other content for secondary students - then further content aimed at interested adults, and finally something that will hook the specialists or research/industrial peers too. It's not an easy balance ... sometimes a team will et it spot-on, developing a cohesive set of mini-activities that you can experience at several different levels, but where each bit is a dorrway into their specific research area."


From the Award citation: "[Awarded for] a neat, embedded way of way of acquiring the type of evaluation data [they]  need without resorting to questionnaires that can ... get in the way of the public interaction"


From the Award citation: "a small volunteer-led organisation making an impression on the public engagement world well-above their weight – we think their profile will grow steadily and begin to take on the characteristics of nationally and internationally recognised events. They also provided by far the best cakes!"


From the Award citation: "We’ve been working with this awardee for 3 years and it’s high time we recognised their support. This is someone who has a real willingness to run with ideas, and has a generosity of spirit that facilitates productive and creative collaborations. This is matched by a steeliness in the face of obstacles that is often surprising but always invaluable!"


From the Award citation: "for listening to the public ...  and to other researchers on the Roadshow, constantly tweaking their exhibit in response to make sure it worked for the widest number of people"


These are in recognition of people who, in one way or another, have gone way beyond what we could reasonably expect, so they are also our formal ‘thank you’.


From the Award citation: "... for the overall best engagement activity in a given year, and this one was a real surprise, only joining us half-way through the year. The team behind this have a very informal approach and the public are drawn to that attitude and before they know it they find themselves exploring the research with enthusiasm. It helps of course that there are bean bags, space hoppers and Abba involved … "

The Roadshow is a very special Southampton activity. Staff and students have brought our research to life for public audiences not only through their knowledge but also their infectious enthusiasm.

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