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Jack Whettingsteel BA Philosophy, 2014

Jack Whettingsteel's Photo

Hi, I'm Jack Whettingsteel and I studied BA Philosophy within Philosophy at the University of Southampton.

The variety of modules on offer is also fantastic – it didn’t feel like I was studying the same thing every day, it felt like each module was a whole new subject of its own.

What do you enjoy about the course?
The department as a whole. It was very welcoming when I first joined, and the staff encouraged us to always seek help if needed – there is always someone there if you need them. It has a very friendly atmosphere, and the enthusiasm and expertise make it a great place to learn everyday. The variety of modules on offer is also fantastic – it didn’t feel like I was studying the same thing every day, it felt like each module was a whole new subject of its own, and yet you can start to see where the ‘philosophy’ side to each one fits in, and the similarities become clear.

What is Southampton like as a place to study?
It’s a great University, and there is always someone there to go and speak to if you need to, not just within the Philosophy department, but also within student services, or even any other part of the institution. Avenue Campus, the home of humanities, has been one of my favourite places to learn, and I felt right at home there even from the first ‘open day’.

Tell us about your career aspirations
I am currently working part time in a retail store for one of the biggest technology companies in the world, and that really is where my passion is. I would also like to, as part of this, be some kind of manager as I want to not only help consumers have the best experience, but also the staff within my team so that they can deliver that experience. I would also love to continue to study Philosophy, and a Masters in Philosophy is also potentially ‘on the cards’ right now.

How do you think your course will help you in your chosen role?
The course has actually taught me to be a better person, not only because I have grown up and gone to University, but also because of the way it teaches you to analyse situations, and always look at both parts of the story. I think this will be key for success in any job, as it gives you the ability to always make the right decision after weighing up the best thing is to do. I also feel like I’ve learnt a lot more about the world, and the different aspects of how we are; this is all invaluable knowledge for my future.

What advice would you give to a student starting their degree at Southampton?
Being honest, I would advise them to work really hard in the first year. It is very easy to think of it as a year that you can ‘just get by’ with and pass, but you will be in a much better position to perform better in the later years if you’ve really made the most of it. I myself put in all the effort I had in the first year, and I believe it has really paid off to get me to the position I am now. Also, I would advise the obvious: spend a good amount of time getting work done, and make sure it’s completed well ahead of time, because in this discipline, you’ll want to revisit it again and again. Finally – make use of the lecturers! I went to go and see them a lot of times in their office hours, and it was really was both enjoyable, and valuable.



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