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Dr Jonathan Grose 

Research Fellow

Dr Jonathan Grose's photo

Dr Jonathan Grose is a Research Fellow on the project “Better Understanding the Metaphysics of Pregnancy” (BUMP) at the University of Southampton.

After completing his PhD in Philosophy at the University of Bristol, Jonathan worked there as a postdoctoral researcher on the AHRC project “Evolution, Cooperation and Rationality”.

Within the BUMP project, Jonathan’s principle research interest is in applying accounts of biological individuality from Philosophy of Biology to the neglected case of the maternal-fetal relationship in humans.

Before studying philosophy, Jonathan obtained a BSc in Physics and, as a qualified teacher, taught science and mathematics at secondary school level.

Research interests

Jonathan has published papers in Philosophy of Biology, Philosophy of Science and Philosophy of Economics.  His main research interest in Philosophy of Biology is evolutionary biology, particularly the evolution of cooperation and of biological individuality.  In Philosophy of Economics he is interested in methodological issues arising from evolutionary game theoretic modelling.  An additional research interest is Philosophy of Medicine, particularly naturalist versus social constructionist accounts of the concept of disease.

Research project(s)

Better Understanding the Metaphysics of Pregnancy (BUMP): Organisms, Identity, Personhood and Persistence

Pregnancy presents us with fascinating philosophical problems: what, during the pregnancy, is the nature of the relationship between the foetus and the maternal organism? What is the relationship between the pregnant organism and the later baby? And when does one person or organism become two? A 1.2 million Euro research grant from the ERC allows Elselijn Kingma and her research team to address these and other questions in a 5 year research project starting in spring 2016.

Dr Jonathan Grose
Student Office, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Southampton, Avenue Campus, Southampton. SO17 1BF United Kingdom

Room Number: 65/1141

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