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Philosophy Society Journal Launch

Published: 4 June 2010

Undergraduate students in Philosophy at the University of Southampton launch a new journal showcasing their work.

The University of Southampton's Philosophy Society has launched the first edition of its Philosophy Journal, which include articles by undergraduate students as well as an interview with the prominent thinker, Raymond Tallis.

Editor Bethan Elena-Jones says the journal: "showcases the talent and enthusiasm of just a handful of Philosophy students here at Southampton University. We have a thriving, hardworking and sociable department that I am proud to have been a part of."

The efforts of the editor, the Philosophy Society Committee and the undergraduate contributors have certainly paid off and we look forward to reading the next edition of this excellent publication.


  1. Message from editor and Philosophy Society Committee 2009/10
  2. 'Moral Goodness as a Variety of Natural Goodness', by Carrie Bryant.
  3. 'Does Plato Successfully Justify the Three-Class Division of his Ideal Society?', by Ross Goodman.
  4. Interview with Raymond Tallis, by Oliver Dukes.
  5. 'An Interpretive Defence of Kant's things in themselves', by Michael Barker.
  6. 'Wittgenstein and God-talk', by James Gilbert.

The journal is supported by The Philosophers' Magazine.

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