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Philosophy cafe. How much must we give to famine relief?

Published: 11 March 2013
John Hansard Gallery

Dr Fiona Woollard posed a moral question to the audience of the University of Southampton’s popular Philosophy Cafe talk in March 2013.

Every day many people die from lack of food. It is in our power to prevent a large number of these deaths. Philosophers such as Peter Singer and Peter Unger have argued that, given these facts, a typical member of an affluent country is morally required to give away most of their assets to famine relief. But does morality really demand that we sacrifice so much to save the lives of strangers?

Leading Philosophy lecturers take turns to deliver thought-provoking addresses on current issues and knotty philosophical questions each month during the academic year. Members of the audience are asked to join the discussions after the talk. Admission is free but it is wise to arrive early to get a good seat.

You can listen to an audio recording of Fiona's talk on the right of this page.

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