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Dr. Sasha Mudd awarded British Academy Advanced Fellowship for joint project on Kant

Published: 16 February 2015
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Dr. Sasha Mudd and co-investigator Dr. Lucas Thorpe (University of Bogazici) have been awarded a British Academy Advanced Newton Fellowship of £70,000 for a two-year project entitled ‘Agency and Autonomy: Kant and the Normative Foundations of Republican Self-Government.’ The project will investigate Kant's contributions to Republican political philosophy in light of his understanding of autonomy and human agency.

Although Kant himself is increasingly recognized as having a republican conception of political freedom, his contribution to republican political philosophy has not yet been worked out. The project aims to explore the meaning and value of republican freedom in light of Kant’s account of human agency. The animating conviction is that Kant’s account of agency can be used to deepen and reframe current debates in important ways.

The project will foster collaborative research on the above issues involving philosophers from both Turkey and the UK through a series of ambitious international workshops and events. It will conclude with two major conferences, one held at Bogazici and one at Southampton. Seven distinct research outputs are expected, including an edited volume on Kant and the Republican political tradition. Finally, Drs. Thorpe and Mudd plan to charter a Turkish Kant Society with enduring links to British institutions, including the U.K. Kant Society.

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