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Philosophy publication news in October

Published: 25 October 2015

Our staff have had a flurry of paper acceptances at journals and other publication news this month.

Sasha Mudd's 'The Demand for Systematicity and the Authority of Theoretical Reason in Kant' was accepted at the Kantian Review.

Jonathan Way and Daniel Whiting's 'If You Justifiably Believe That You Ought to Φ, You Ought to Φ' was accepted at Philosophical Studies.

Daniel Whiting's 'Against Second-Order Reasons' was accepted at Noûs, a journal which is consistently ranked as one of the top two in philosophy.

Kurt Sylvan's 'Skorupski on Spontaneity, Apriority, and Normative Truth' was accepted at Philosophical Quarterly. In addition, he recently learned that his proposal for the Routledge Handbook of Practical Reason (to be co-edited with Ruth Chang) was accepted and the volume is moving ahead full speed.

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