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Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Lisbon and Madrid - Southampton philosophers speaking at conferences in June

Published: 7 June 2022
Ideological turn in theology?

Throughout June 2022, University of Southampton philosophers will be speaking at several European conferences.

Genia Schönbaumsfeld will be speaking on ‘”Making it a Question of Science”: Wittgenstein’s Critique of Father O’Hara and Scientism in Religion’ at the third 'Hinge Epistemology and Religious Belief' conference in Lisbon (7th-8th June).

She will also be covering ‘Wittgenstein on Scientism in Religion’ at the ‘Ideological Turn in the Philosophy of Religion' conference in Frankfurt (9th-11th June).

Kurt Sylvan will be speaking on ‘A Kantian Account of Theoretical Normativity’ at the ‘Inquiry and its Norms’ workshop in Madrid (13-14th June); and Fiona Woollard will be speaking on ‘The Metaphysics of Gender and Resistance to Normative Motherhood’ at the ‘Parental Duties and Over-Demandingness’ workshop in Copenhagen (15th June).

Also, later in the month, Conor McHugh and Jonathan Way will be presenting papers at the KCL-Syracuse workshop on Reasoning, Reasons, and Agency (23rd-24th June).


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