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Workshop: Aims and Norms of Belief Event

23 September 2011
Avenue Campus, University of Southampton

For more information regarding this event, please email Daniel Whiting at .

Event details

The British Academy

Part of Aims and Norms research Project.

The first workshop will seek to address such questions as:

What would it be for belief—a mental state—to have an aim? Is truth—as opposed to knowledge or understanding—the best candidate for the aim of belief? If belief does have an aim, would that explain the norms governing it?

The workshop will involve presentations by:

  • Andrew Reisner (McGill), 'Where Norms and Aims Diverge: The Pragmatic Foundations of Theoretical Reason'
  • Anandi Hattiangadi (Oxford), 'Blindspots and Doxastic Oughts: A Reply to Our Critics'
  • Bart Streumer (Reading) 'Believing for No Reason'
  • Daniel Whiting (Southampton) 'The Aim Not to Have False Beliefs'

The workshop is funded by the British Academy’s Small Research Grants Scheme, the University of Southampton’s Adventures in Research Scheme and the Faculty of Humanities.

A limited number of places are available at this workshop. Registration is free. Should you wish to attend, please contact Daniel Whiting ( for further details.

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