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Masterclass on The Right and The Good Event

23 November 2013
Room 1173, Building 65 Avenue Campus University of Southampton SO17 1BF

For more information regarding this event, please email Jonathan Way at .

Event details

A workshop for 3rd year undergraduates and MA students on central questions in ethics and epistemology.

Questions about the right and the good are central to both ethics and epistemology.  In normative and applied ethics, we try to identify which actions are right and which outcomes, states of affairs and characters are good. In metaethics, we ask how to understand judgments about the right and the good, and the relationship between these notions. In epistemology, there has been much recent interest in questions about what it is right to believe, about epistemic goodness, and about the relationship between these notions and other epistemic notions, such as knowledge and justification.

Southampton philosophers with expertise in these areas include Alex Gregory, Conor McHugh, Jonathan Way, Daniel Whiting, and Fiona Woollard. The masterclass will feature talks by Southampton philosophers and selected student presentations. The event is aimed at final year undergraduates and MA students.

10 stipends are available to help with travel expenses. To apply, please submit a short (1500-2500 word) essay on a topic relevant to the subject of the master class along with a brief expression of interest, stating your reasons for wishing to be considered. Essays on any aspect of epistemology or of normative, applied, or meta-ethics are welcome. Student papers to be presented will be selected from among those awarded stipends. Deadline for receipt of applications is 10 November 2013.
Registration for the master class is free. To register, send an email with an expression of interest to Jonathan Way:

Registration closes on 17 November 2013.

This event is organised in collaboration with the Royal Institute of Philosophy and the Southampton Ethics Centre

Speaker information

Dr Alex Gregory,Lecturer

Dr Conor McHugh,Lecturer

Dr Jonathan Way,Lecturer

Dr Daniel Whiting,Senior Lecturer

Dr Fiona Woollard,Lecturer

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