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Knowing by Looking (August 4, 2016) Event

Knowing by Looking
4 August 2016
University of Southampton, Highfield Campus, Building 34, Room 2003

For more information regarding this event, please email Will McNeill and Kurt Sylvan at; .

Event details

This workshop will explore themes in the work of Susanna Schellenberg and Charles Travis, two of the world's foremost epistemologists of perception. The event will take place on the Highfield Campus in Building 34, Room 2003.



Some questions to be addressed at the event include:

  • Does perceptual experience have representational content?

  • What kind of mental state are we in when we are perceptually related to a particular? Is the mental state constituted by the particular, as particularists maintain?

  • How do questions about the content and particularity of perceptual experience bear on the epistemology of perception?  Must one accept the content view to satisfactorily explain how experience can be a source of knowledge?  Must one accept particularism to satisfactorily explain how experience can be a source of knowledge?

  • What is the relationship between seeing that something is the case and simply seeing objects and their features?  Is the former kind of seeing analyzable in terms of the latter?  

  • Does non-propositional seeing of objects and their features provide a foundation for perceptual knowledge?  Or is only seeing that something is the case an adequate foundation?

Schedule and Registration

The schedule for the event is as follows:

11-12.30: Prof. Susanna Schellenberg

1.15-2.45: Dr Kurt Sylvan

3-4.30pm: Dr Will McNeill

5-6.30pm: Prof. Charles Travis

Registration is free but please let us know if you want to come by emailing or



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