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Miss Maria Mjaaland Sele 

Postgraduate Researcher (PGR)

Miss Maria Mjaaland Sele's photo

Miss Maria Mjaaland Sele is a Postgraduate Researcher (PGR) within Philosophy at the University of Southampton.

I was born and raised in Norway and prior to studying philosophy I studied music at a Norwegian college.  I moved from Norway in 2009 to do my BA in philosophy at the University of Southampton. Towards the end of my BA I became very interested in aesthetics and especially the philosophy of music. Because of this and because of the expertise this university offers on the subject it was natural to stay and continue with an MA in philosophy. I am currently researching for a PhD in philosophy.

Research interests

My research is focused on the philosophy of music and more specifically on emotions and expression in music. I am not interested in providing a theory of how music is expressive of emotions; rather, I am focusing on identifying the core issues of attributing expression of emotion to that of musical expression. I am looking for a way of understanding both the origin of these problems and the significance of them. A great portion of my research is dedicated to understanding Eduard Hanslick and his work.

My thesis will present research on Eduard Hanslick as well as some contemporary philosophers, and at a later stage I wish to incorporate some of Ludwig Wittgenstein's later writings.

My other research interests include the aesthetics of video and computer games, music in relation to video games and films, and the growing role of aesthetics in the continuously developing gaming community.

Miss Maria Mjaaland Sele
Student Office, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Southampton, Avenue Campus, Southampton. SO17 1BF United Kingdom
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