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The University of Southampton
Southampton Planeterrella

For Demonstrators

If you're a demonstrator for the planeterrella, this page provides the resources you need, such as time sheets, health and safety training and the risk assessment for the project.

Before you start demonstrating

You will need to be trained in manual handling. The university's Health and Safety training is available here – log in and then complete the 'Manual Handling Awareness' course. Once you have completed the course, send the certificate PDF to (If you have already completed the course, you can obtain a PDF of your certificate from the 'Training History' tab at the top of the page.)

You will also need to familiarise yourself with the risk assessment. This is at the bottom of the page; if you have not signed a copy of the risk assessment, please do so and give it to John as soon as possible.

On the day that you demonstrate

If your day involves van hire, the driver will have been given a copy of the van hire form, and the key for the van should be in John's pigeon hole. If it is not, call the number on the van hire form to speak to the hire company, who can advise you where they have put the key. The ramps are kept in a cupboard on Level 1, and the planeterrella is in the workshop (unless you have been told otherwise). Bungee cords and ratchet straps for transporting the planeterrella are to be found either in 46/4081 or in the box on the planeterrella trolley.

After you have demonstrated

Once you have demonstrated the planeterrella, you will need to fill in a timesheet to be paid. We advise that you fill this in at the end of the month, so you can avoid submitting multiple timesheets if you demonstrate multiple times in the month. Your Casual Worker Permit Number, assignment ID, and rate of pay can all be found in the email you received confirming your assignment. The timesheet and other key information can be found on the UniWorkforce page.


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